Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How do you clear words you have searched for in yahoo search?

I have tried clearing with other suggestions, but the words don't clear. I am using Mac OS X.How do you clear words you have searched for in yahoo search?
If you are talking about the yahoo toolbar: click the pencil and go to clear search history!

TO Delete recent searches from popping up in the drop down menu on a search page.

Go to the search site site, click where you would type then push the down arrow

on your keyboard.

As you move your pointer over a word it is highlighted,

Highlight the word in the list then hold down the delete key on your keyboard.

To turn this feature off in yahoo tool bar: Click the pencil icon go to toolbar options/ under Search box uncheck the first 2.

To turn this feature off Open an IE page go to tools at the top/ Internet options click the content tab/ then click the auto complete button/ uncheck every thing there

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None of the suggestions worked. I ended up finding the ';clear cache'; pull down menu in ';Safari'; Somehow that did the trick.

Otherwise nothing else helped.

For what it's worth!

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When you start typing, the words will apear. Then arrow down to the words you would like to delete and simply hit delete on your keyboard. Hope that helps :)
Depends on what OS you have and what search engines you are using.

Try double clicking on the search engine text box. That should bring up a listing of previous searches. Highlight the search term you want to delete. Then press the delete button on your computer. That might delete it. Otherwise, check options on your search engine etc. I think Yahoo toolbar had a delete feature that deleted all previous searches. Some of them do. I know Firefox had that.
Removal of items on your search bar

On the right side of the bar before you get to the web search button click on the bar (you may have to click it a few times) will open a drop down box that will bring you at the front of items you searched for.

Place your mouse pointer over the first item and you will see it highlight. Do not click the item just leave your mouse where it is and hit the delete button on your keyboard. The item will vanish and the next will take its place and become highlighted. Just keep hitting the delete button and watch them go away.

This will work for any browser.
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